Nuansa is a luxury boutique spa that delivers a unique experience in a setting of complete tranquility where outstanding service and attention to detail make clients feel special from the moment they enter.

Escape the busy city and enter the calming environment that is Nuansa. The focus is to make your experience one of total relaxation that will have you leaving calmed and rejuvenated.

Discover your urban escape.

"I want every client to have a unique experience and feel special from the moment they walk in the door."
-Nuanchawee Faiwongsa
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Feel stress melt away with Nuansa’s original massage, which combines Eastern and Western massage. Shiatsu blends acupressure point, long deep stroke and stretching techniques to relax and soothe muscle tension. The benefits are both immediate and long term; a perfect solution to rebalance and renew your body’s equilibrium and sense of well-being.

Book a 60 min Nuansa Classic Massage
Book a 90 min Nuansa Classic Massage

The application of hot bamboo deeply penetrates muscle tissue and relaxes the entire nervous system. This specialized treatment melts away stubborn knots, tension, and is beneficial for releasing chronic muscle and joint pain while helping increase blood flow to the area. Varying lengths of bamboo work in harmony using gliding, rolling techniques and long deep strokes to target tense muscles. The addition of aromatherapy also calms the mind.

Book a 60 min Hot Bamboo Massage
Book a 90 min Hot Bamboo Massage

Samunprai or “herbs” is a powerful treatment dating back to 14th century Thailand. This holistic ritual incorporates medicinal heat and four massage modalities to relieve muscular, joint and back pain. Thai stretches and deep acupressure, release blocked energy, while the round cotton bundles filled with healing herbs such as camphor, turmeric, prai and lemongrass, is steamed and kneaded on the body, allowing the herbs and oil to penetrate and act as potent detoxifiers while increasing lymphatic drainage. Finally, a cool down session with a cold compress for the forehead, scalp, and face massage will complete the full experience. Recommended for athletes, circulatory and digestive concerns, and the overly stressed.

Book a 60 min Samunprai Thai Poultice Massage
Book a 90 min Samunprai Thai Poultice Massage

We begin this treatment with an aromatic steaming head wrap and the application of an enriching scalp mask. The mask is massaged into the scalp to relieve tension and provide essential nutrients, leaving your hair soft and shiny. A relaxing full body massage will allow any unnecessary tension held in the body to float away as rhythmical strokes flow across the body. Your escape is complete, focusing attention on the hands and feet with a warm compresses and rich cream is massaged deeply into the skin to nourish and soften.

Book a 60 min Soul to Sole Massage
Book a 90 min Soul to Sole Massage

A deeply therapeutic massage, using blends of essential oils personally selected to each individual’s needs. This massage creates a feeling of physical relaxation and calm, whilst mentally uplifting and clearing the mind.

• Wood: Rejuvenates and Immune Booster
• Fire: Stimulates and invigorates the mind
• Earth: Balances body and mind, aids sleeplessness
• Metal: Detoxifies and notifies
• Water: Soothe and relieves stress

Book a 60 min Aromatherapy Massage
Book a 90 min Aromatherapy Massage

Traditional Thai yoga is performed in manner on tatami floor mat, combine elements of, Shiatsu blends acupressure point therapy with stretching of the meridians to stimulate the flow of energy throughout your body. It is done without oil, and you remain fully clothed during the treatment. Firm to deep, rhythmic pressure is applied to your entire body using the thumbs, palms, knees, forearms, elbows, and feet. This treatment induces deep relaxation, energizing, and flexibility brings body back into balance.

Book a 60 min Awakening Thai Yoga
Book a 90 min Awakening Thai Yoga 

This technique features long, flowing, relaxing strokes designed to relieve tension, stress and sore muscles. Swedish massage helps improve circulation and strengthens the immune system. Stimulating strong movements effectively ease a tired aching back and limbs.

Book a 60 min Healing Swedish Flow Massage
Book a 90 min Healing Swedish Flow Massage

Deep, rhythmic motion is designed to systematically open the major muscle energy channels of the body. This treatment is excellent for releasing knots, tension in the body and for those who will need to recover from stress, sore muscles and have an overall sensation of being “stuck” or “blocked” in some way. It enhances energy, blood flow and function of both muscle and organ systems, bringing a sense of lightness and ease.

Book a 60 min Deeper Care Massage
Book a 90 min Deeper Care Massage

This prenatal massage focuses on providing relief and relaxation to the mother-to-be as she goes through the stages of pregnancy. It relaxes tense muscles, reduces stress and anxiety, and reduces discomfort associated with the skeletal and circulatory changes brought on by pregnancy. It also helps improve sleep quality and reduce swelling. Only suitable for clients who have passed their first trimester (12 weeks) or more. All products used in this treatment are pregnancy-safe.

Book a 60 min Dear Mother-To-Be Massage
Book a 90 min Dear Mother-To-Be Massage

Refresh tired feet with an uplifting peppermint, lemon and sea salt foot exfoliation to stimulate circulation, followed by a traditional Thai foot massage, which is inspired by the ancient art of reflexology. Using a wooden stick, pressure points on the soles of your feet are stimulated. Blocked energy, tension and stress are relieved and help you sleep better in a natural way. Back, neck, shoulder and scalp massage completes your journey. It’s a perfect massage to follow a long day of walking or just to provide a general sense of well-being.

Book a 60 min Walking on Air Massage
Book a 90 min Walking on Air Massage

Focusing purely on the upper body, this massage is perfect for those who deserve some time out of their busy schedule, providing the body with some much needed rejuvenation. Everyday stress can cause tension in the muscles of the upper body. While out of the office take the opportunity to relax, unwind and begin your day stress-free.

Book a 45 min De-Stress

Soften, firm, and hydrate your skin with our body treatment inspired by the thorough art of caring for the body. This energizing and vitalizing body treatment begins with a full-body scrub of warming bamboo and gingergrass. Once fresh skin is revealed, you are gently cocooned in a nutrient-enriched organic rice bran mask nourish the skin. As the mask sets, your mind is relaxed with a soothing scalp and facial massage. Following a rain shower and anti-oxidant rich rose camellia mist. The treatment is complete with a 60-minute, moisture-binding massage infuse with bergamot, vetiver, and wild lime.

Book a 120 min Bamboo Glow

Restore skin’s smooth texture and vibrant health by clearing away dead skin cells and drawing out toxins with this gentle full body exfoliation, using arctic white peat from Finland rich in nutrients, essential fiber fatty acids and minerals that produce warming enzymes on the skin. The intense potency of arctic white peat combats dry, mature skin and improves moisture balance. Bio-active arctic berry seeds of strawberries and blueberries offer a surge of Vitamin C and powerful omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, to increased blood flow. Fine grain sea salt removing dead skin cells and excess toxins while pulling moisture and minerals in. As a final touch, the skin is nourished and hydrated with aromatic body massage, leaving your body relaxed and your skin smooth and refreshed.

Book a 60 min Pure Elements

In the land of the super active and super fit, give your muscles a treat that will assist in recovery after your workout and release muscle tension. This treatment begins with an invigorating muscle-soothing exfoliating using warm soothing oils, followed by Himalayan crystal salt and plant essence to relieve stress and fatigue while soften the skin, stimulate circulation and minimizing the appearance of cellulite. A full therapeutic body massage with rich moisturizer will leave your skin vibrant and replenished. Perfect for post-workout or a stressful day.

Book a 60 min Peak Performance

An invigorating and circulation-boosting body scrub of rich mongo and Shea butter, Himalayan crystal salts and Ho Leaf to vigorously shed dead skin cells. A warm wrap of Thermal clay, minerals and herbal extracts mask infused with purifying botanical oils is applied to the whole body to relieve sluggishness and congestion and help to remove unwanted toxins. While you relax in cocooned comfort of warm heating blanket, a scalp, shoulder and face massage melt away tension.
The 90 min treatment is completed with a full body thermal lymphatic massage of sweet almond oil infused with May Chang, peppermint and thyme

Book a 60 min Purifying Body Boost
Book a 90 min Purifying Body Boost

In an intensive boost, Sodashi’s exclusive warm infusing mask maximises penetration of essential vitamins and minerals into the deeper layers of the skin. This ultimate facial indulgence is tailored to your skin’s needs to nourish, purify and deeply cleanse, leaving your skin hydrated and toned. Restoring forgotten elasticity and radiance, this is more than just a facial – it is nature’s facelift.

Book a 90 min Sodashi Thermal Infusing Facial

Bring your skin back to balance with our Elemental Herbology’s naturally active, botanical and mineral-infused essential facial. This treatment is customized to your needs, ideal for all skin types. A blend of essential fatty acids, vitamins, and marine extracts, combined with a host of cell-plumping, anti-aging actives, boost circulation and stimulate natural tonicity. The treatment incorporates deep cleansing, exfoliation with a natural enzyme peel, a custom mask, and relaxing facial massage to draw out impurities and restore equilibrium, resulting in a clear and radiant complexion.

Book a 60 min Elemental Harmonizer
Book a 90 min Elemental Harmonizer

Transform your skin with this intensely hydrating treatment. Designed to boost cellular metabolism, restore elasticity and stimulate circulation. This anti-aging facial will minimize wrinkles and immediately improve hydration levels while helping to reduce the appearance of pigmentation, large pores and redness. A deep cleanse, AHA exfoliation allows the skin to regain its vitality, revealing a luminous glow. A lifting facial massage and double mask, containing concentrated vitamins, minerals, collagen and anti oxidants, redefine the contours of your face with an immediate lifting effect. Recommended for mature, dehydrated or lackluster skin.

Book a 60 min Lift and Firm
Book a 90 min Lift and Firm

Calming, soothing and repairing your skin with this rejuvenate and healing treatment. Pollution, lifestyle and stress affect the freshness of skin because the cells are deprived of oxygen and nutrients. Our intensive detoxification, light as air formula, is applied directly to the skin’s surface to re-energize natural cellular functions, eliminate toxins and minimize the pores. This facial includes a stimulating, oxygen-boosting AHA’s peel, herbal steam, a facial massage, and mineral-rich clay infused purifying Manuka Honey mask to further decongest the skin while a shoulder and scalp massage takes you to a state of relaxation. Perfect for modern city dwellers and travelers.

Book a 60 min The Restorer
Book a 90 min The Restorer

Clear and cleanse oily, congested, unbalanced and hormonal break-out skin. This purifying treatment harnesses the natural power of Apple Serum and Papaya AHA’s to deeply cleanse and remove dead skin cells, followed by a purifying herbal steam, extractions, double mask with cooling cucumber and aloe, a mineral rich clay mask concentrated seaweed, sulphur, and menthol. A pressure point facial massage restores the skin’s natural radiance. This treatment assists in soothing irritation, refining the pores and leaves skin feeling pure, refreshed, clear and balanced.

Book a 60 min Purity Facial
Book a 90 min Purity Facial

Restore skin’s vitality and reveal a bright, smooth and radiantly youthful looking complexion with Vitamin C, the most natural form of repair and prevention visible signs of ageing and sun-damage. This anti-oxidant treatment includes double cleansing, a gentle exfoliation, steam and extraction, followed by a lymphatic drainage facial massage clear the complexion and bring fresh oxygen to the cells. Vitamin C Serum stimulates collagen. A brightening mask penetrates the skin with essential vitamins and nutrients leave your skin clear and firm. Suitable for those who has sensitive, dull skin, hydration and uneven pigmentation.

Book a 60 min Vitamin C+ Facial
Book a 90 min Vitamin C+ Facial

Turn back time and transform your skin. Using a sequence of timeless anti-ageing techniques ingrained in traditional Japanese facial massage, this intensely energizing treatment is designed to reawaken and rejuvenate natural healing energies and putting elasticity back into your skin. ‘Shin Bi’ stimulates blood, lymphatic circulation and liberates your face of muscular tension that’s responsible for the formation of wrinkles. Yes, a younger face is possible without surgery!

Book a 60 min’Shin Bi’ Japanese Facial Massage
Book a 90 min’Shin Bi’ Japanese Facial Massage

An effective firming and hydrating treatment, ideal if you are short on time but want to pamper your skin in the hand of expert estheticians. A deep cleanse and enzyme exfoliation, steam and followed by a customized purifying mask.The treatment concludes with the application of a nourishing facial moisturizer and eye cream, leaving your skin refreshed and revitalized.

Book a 30 min Mini Facial

Leave the cares of the world behind with this stress-relieving treatment while spending some quality time with your partner. In our private couple’s room, enjoy a Nuansa classic massage with essential oil to release any tension stored in the body. Our luxurious and moisture-rich scalp mask, skillfully massaged through the hair. Drift away as your hair is wrapped in a hot towel to deeply nourish and restore a silky shine. A calming facial massage leaves your mind relaxed and rejuvenated before enjoying your chosen Champagne/tea to complement this indulgent experience.

Book a 60 min Sweet Moment Massage
Book a 90 min Sweet Moment Massage

Relax as our therapists send you to a place of absolute bliss and contentment. This head-to-toe experience begins with a body scrub using Himalayan salt and lemon to exfoliate skin, activate circulation and minimizing the appearance of cellulite. Your path to rejuvenation continues with a tension-melting full-body massage using warm balancing oil to revitalize and revive. This nurturing treatment concludes with a warm facial massage, leaving your entire being in harmony.

Book a 90 min Time for Two Massage

Experience total relaxation – side by side – during this luxurious couple’s massage. Your treatments begin with a full-body Western Touch massage with medium to firm pressure; excellent for releasing knots and tension in the body. After your soothing massage, our relax scalp and facial massage helps to ensure that you both feel treat from head to toe.

Book a 60 min Side by Side Massage
Book a 90 min Side by Side Massage

This dedicated treatment is designed “just for him”. Unwind, as the organic green tea salts scrub the body clean, before a massage takes you to a quiet sanctuary of no worries. Continue relaxing with a luxurious and moisture-rich scalp mask, skillfully massaged through the hair that lets you drift away. Finished with a relaxing face massage to ease tension. After this treatment you will definitely leave refreshed and rejuvenated.

Book 60 min a Wild Man
Book 90 min a Wild Man

Designed especially for men, this sophisticated treatment incorporates soothing mists and woody aromas with a deep cleansing and exfoliating facial, which balances the skin and assists in preventing ingrown hairs. Pure botanicals infuse the skin with a purifying mask while shoulder and scalp massage help release tight muscles. Finished with our sleek hydration face massage to ease tension and create a firm and toned jaw line, after this high performance treatment you will definitely leave refreshed and de-stressed.

Book a 60 min Mankind Facial

A warming mud back pack is applied to assist with muscular aches and pains; whilst the mud is soothing aching muscles, a strong pressured massage is performed to the backs of the legs. The whole back of the body is then intuitively worked on, including stretches and pressure points to assist with any tension and stress build-up within the body. A relaxing foot massage using deep pressure point techniques that ground the mind and spirit.

Book a 60 min Sports Pro

Book a 90 min Sports Pro

This amazing treatment delivers a deep state of relaxation with a luxurious and moisture-rich scalp mask, skillfully massage through the hair, leaving you hair soft and shiny. Designed for stress release, it focuses on scalp and face. It is the perfect massage to follow a long day of desk working or prolonged feelings of being “stressed out.”
Book a 15 min Face and Scalp Massage Addon
Book a 30 min Face and Scalp Massage Addon

Add-on services may be booked to enhance any full-length treatment and cannot be booked independently.

Take a load off and relieve hard-working feet and ankles with this dedicated and detailed massage. Rhythmic massage and pressure point moves aid circulation, relieving tension from the soles to calves, while the mind relaxes. Perfect after a long day of walking or just for a general sense of well-being.

Book a 15 min Foot Reviver Massage Addon
Book a 30 min Foot Reviver Massage Addon

Add-on services may be booked to enhance any full-length treatment and cannot be booked independently.

The exfoliating powers of bamboo polish away impurities while soothing and toning the skin. This scrub is enhanced with blue tansy to calm and soothe; fir oil to revive and tone; sea algae to leave skin silky; and mineral rich salt to encourage cellular renewal, and improve the lymphatic and circulatory systems.

Book a 30 min Bamboo Gingergrass Body Scrub Addon

Add-on services may be booked to enhance any full-length treatment and cannot be booked independently.

It’s time to restore your sun-damaged skin. This White peat from Finland is rich in nutrients, essential fiber, fatty acids, and minerals that produce warming enzymes on the skin. Bio-active arctic berry seeds of strawberries and blueberries offer a surge of Vitamin C and powerful omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, which are essential to cellular functions and skin health.

Book a 30 min Bio Active White Peat Body Scrub Addon

Add-on services may be booked to enhance any full-length treatment and cannot be booked independently.

Arabic coffee, black olives, sugar and fresh lemon rind combine to invigorate the circulatory system and encourage cellular turnover. The rich oil of black olive is high in complex fatty acids that deeply nourish. Combined with the abundance of fresh citrus fruit to stimulate and recharge the body.

Book a 30 min Lemon Coffee Blossom Body Scrub Addon

Add-on services may be booked to enhance any full-length treatment and cannot be booked independently.

Bring your body back to balance with the application of warm soothing oils, followed by a Himalayan Crystal Salt deeply cleanses and exfoliates your skin. Relieve stress and fatigue while gently stimulating the body’s circulation and minimizing the appearance of cellulite through a blend of mineral-rich crystal and oils that revive and nourish.

Book a 30 min Himalayan Crystal Salt Body Scrub Addon

Add-on services may be booked to enhance any full-length treatment and cannot be booked independently.

This peel is designed to deeply exfoliate the skin and increase its natural ability to retain moisture. Suitable for all skin types the result is visibly smoother, firmer and younger looking skin.

Book a City Peel Addon

Add-on services may be booked to enhance any facial and cannot be booked independently.

Combine two of our most popular treatments to rebalance your body and revitalize your skin. Drift away with our aromatic massage utilizing a combination of pressure points and spiraling movements, which will ground, uplift and relieve any muscular aches and pains. Once rebalanced, continue to unwind as our pure, natural facial infuses you, renewing, hydrating and repairing the skin.

Book a 120 min Drift Away Special

Take some well-deserved time out as you drift off to sleep in our Japanese-style tatami room, nestled inside a cocoon of blankets. Your eye is closed your mind is relaxed with our 45-min traditional Thai foot massage, which is inspired by the ancient art of reflexology. Using a wooden stick, pressure points on the soles of you feet are stimulated. Blocked energy, tension and stress are relieved and help you sleep better in a natural way, leaving you feeling totally relaxed.

Book a 45 min On the Feet






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