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Why Do We Love High Heels So Much?

Why do we love high heels so much? After all, not only can they be excruciatingly painful but they’re really bad for our feet. However, when we wear them, we feel instantly sexier, slimmer and they give us a boost of confidence. Here are a few tips to lessen the agony:

1. Make sure your high heels fit really well. If there is one thing that’s guaranteed to increase the pain, it’s poorly fitting shoes.
2. Try to limit the number of hours that you wear high heels. For example, if you want to wear them at work, consider wearing flats during the journey and put the high heels on once you arrive.
3. Wear insoles, the thicker the better.
4. Save the stilettos for a special occasion. If you must wear high heels, a chunkier heel is easier on your feet or even better, wear wedgies and platforms.
5. When you take off your high heels, stretch your feet, or better still, get a foot massage.

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